What I Wore Sunday

You can probably tell that I compare a lot of my outfits to real life objects. For example, last week I compared my outfit to a carrot. Eh, I guess you could say it is a habit. This week the comparison wasn't so pleasant. Most Sundays I arrive at church an hour early for a quick music practice {I'm a singer on the praise team}.
 As soon as I walked in my brother-in-law said, "You look like the Green Bay Packers!" 
Oh, dear. First of all, it took me a second to realize who they were......still not sure I know.
 Secondly, I told him that his socks didn't match his suit/tie combo and then felt better. 
We have that love-hate-mostly-sort-of-hate relationship goin' on, ya know?
 I told him he could be the parking attendant at my wedding. 

My blazer is another purchase that I bought this summer at Salvation Army. 
This Sunday seemed to be a good day to bring it out from the back of my closet. 
Thank you J.Crew for making a great canary yellow blazer!

The skirt I'm wearing is from Urban Outfitter's, also worn in this Sunday post. I need one in every color!

I tried something new on my Facebook page this week, by sharing a picture of two lovely ladies and their modest outfits. So! If you are a Facebook or Instagram follower, use the hashtag #prettyisthis and I may choose to share your modest outfit on my social media! I don't know about you, but I love to get inspiration from other modest women. 
We are all in this together, after all! :)

Have a great week!

Wearing: J. Crew thrifted blazer, Nordstrom Rack blouse, Urban Outfitter's maxi skirt, Target wedges



  1. Leave it to a man to compare an outfit to a football team lol =) Regardless, you look great!! I love these colors together!!

    Fashion, Floss and Lip Gloss

  2. Amber, I know, right?! Lol! Thank you!!

  3. Being a Pentecostal and from WI I quickly thought the same thing before I read your post. I love the outfit and each and every one before and after this one. I actually would love to blog my own outfits somewhere. I just having started yet.


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