What I Wore Sunday

While I’m an advocate of mixing patterns, I never give my self the opportunity to do so with my clothing purchases. I buy tons of patterned or textured tops, but an overwhelming abundance of solid colored skirts. So when I pulled out this skirt on Sunday morning {I call if The Skirt of Many Colors. Get it?}, I first paired it with a simple black top. And then I saw my polka dot cardigan hanging in the back and pulled it out. Voila! 


My black suede heels are Aldo, from DSW. They were originally around $65.00 or so, but with a 40% store discount and a $20.00 off coupon {YAY for being a rewards member!!}, I got them for around $21.00. I would say that’s a steal, wouldn’t you?

I hope you had a beautiful weekend. Happy Monday!

Wearing: Target polka dot cardigam, H&M blazer, thrifted skirt, Aldo heels



  1. Stefanie, you always look so classy and chic! I notice in following you that you thrift a lot of amazing finds. I am getting into thrifting myself but haven't found any gorgeous skirts like you - hoping I get lucky soon!!

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  2. I love your looks. This one makes me want to mix patterns more.


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