What I Wore Sunday

I'm still trying to figure out how Thanksgiving and Christmas passed so quickly. 
And why I didn't eat more mashed potatoes. That's a major component of the holidays for me right there. 
{I should never write a post while I'm hungry}
Anyway! Hope you had a lovely weekend.

 I found this awesome belt at a thrift store a few years ago.
 Although I have a drawer full of them, I am not a huge belt person.

How I put this outfit together:
1: I started out with an old grey dress that has always been too short. I wanted to add a layer that was neither a pencil skirt or lace slip (worn in last week's post).
2: I decided to try a full skirt  underneath and chose this navy blue skirt. It worked!! 
I really like the color block that it created.
3: I chose this particular belt for the color and texture. Since the dress and skirt are simple with very little texture, I wanted to add another element.

Until next year my friends!
Have a fantastic New Year! Stay safe.
Wearing: thrifted Grey F21 dress, Old Navy Skirt, thrifted belt, Guess heels


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