WIWS: Chandelier Print

I am once again on a mission to keep heat off of my hair. Seeing that my blow dryer broke, I have been quite successful! After seeing these hair tips on Pinterest, I thought I would give some do's + don't's a try. So I haven’t been showering in the evening and letting my hair dry, and only curling it with a curling iron once or twice a week. I’d like to post some hair tutorials that require no heat, what do you think? All of this in attempt to keep my husband-to-be from seeing a bald bride walking down the aisle. You’re welcome, Dustin. Teehee!!

I found this beautiful chandelier printed top at Crossroads Trading Company, one of my favorite second hand stores! I decided that I should probably just shop there on a permanent basis. Although it does require a little bit of travel time, what is 45 minutes when you find something good every time?

What I like about their stores: 
  • They are clean, and you don’t smell that distinct “second hand smell” when you walk in. Although I’ve learned to live with that smell when I walk into thrift/consignment stores, it’s nice to avoid it.
  • They have quality {and brand name} clothes that don’t have stains, holes, or tears.
  • You can buy, sell, or trade your clothes. I haven’t traded or sold anything, but I would like to one day!
  I had whole lot of a vintage vibe going this Sunday, totally on accident. 
People couldn’t figure out the print on my shirt, they thought it was trees, spaceships, etc. 
I might wear a tree print, but spaceships?! :)

I hope your weekend was lovely!



  1. I have had such an awesome time cruising your blog this afternoon...I'm currently stuck on the couch with the flu...So glad I ran into your blog...Love your classy, colorful style and your love for Goodwill...I am the self stated Goodwill queen in these parts...I head there once a week as my "break" from kiddos and household chores...I think my husband has just gotten used to my thrifting endeavors...Haha. =) God bless!

  2. How did u get that bun? I usually curl my hair with my karmin g3 clipless curling iron and then I pin it up =)

  3. Sigh. I have a love-hate relationship with Crossroads and Buffalo Exchange.

    Selling clothes there can be an absolute pain--they are so WEIRD about what they will take and what they won't take. Ugh.

    But putting all that angst aside, I still can't stop myself from visiting! My favorite Crossroads is near Beverly Hills. GREAT, GREAT, and GREAT!

    More Modern Modesty

  4. @Carolyn, I'm so glad you enjoyed it, but so sorry you were sick! That is definitely no fun. My fiance is getting used to my Goodwill trips as well! Teehee!

  5. @Mel, I split my ponytail into two sections and just roll them up to the base of my neck! I'll make sure to post a tutorial soon! :)

  6. @Chandra, really?! See, I've never really looked into it. I know a girl who trades pretty often, but I've never heard her complain! I just went to the one in SJ off of Winchester (or somewhere near there) and it was decent. Some GREAT antique shops right down the street, too.

  7. Love how your hair looks...if only I could do something like that :)

  8. @Adrienne I'm sure you could, it's quite simple!! I just replied in a comment above:

    I split my ponytail into two sections and just roll them up to the base of my neck! I'll make sure to post a tutorial soon!


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