WIWS: Floral & Polka Dots

I found this polka dot blazer on sale for $11.00 while traveling with my family to Southern California for a wedding. It retails online for $35.00, which I would never spend on a Target blazer, so I got a good deal. I was torn between this and a green and navy blue striped blazer {torn, I say!}, but figured this white one could be worn more often. It’s all about thinking ahead! 

I’m feeling very practical about clothing as of late, and am itching to clean out my closet while I’m in this mindset. Clothes are clothes. It’s not very often that I feel like throwing out a bunch of clothes, I get sentimental when it comes to things I spend my money on. Lol! I keep saying I need to start selling unworn/gently used items {because I have many, many, many}, but never get around to it! I must make that a priority. I’ll be sure to post links when I do so.

I wore a subtle mix of floral and polka dots, mainly because I wear this floral top under every cardigan and blazer I own. I wear it so often, and recently discovered a wore a tiny hole in the sleeve. I'm going to try to have it mended, because when you find a good thing, you just don't want to get rid of it! :)

Hope you had a lovely weekend, and a great week!



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