Hair Tutotial: Valentine's Day

Today I'm reposting a Valentine's Day hair tutorial that I posted last year, 
because I knoooow all girls do their hair before they go out on a date or a girls night out.
There's no question about it!

1. Begin with some curl + volume in your hair. Mine was lightly curled.
2. Curl the short pieces of your hair to create a whispy look.
 3. Fasten your hair into a side ponytail.
 4. Roll your ponytail in toward your head and secure with bobby pins. 
Wrap the remaining hair around the bun/loop you created.
5. (Optional) Add a headband! Finish with hairspray and you're done! 

Or if you're looking to leave your hair down in a pretty curled look, you can see this spiral curl hair tutorial. It's magic. ;) You can see the rest of my hair tutorials here.

Happy Valentine's Day! And as my sister has been saying lately, remember to tell those close to you that you love them. It's important that they hear it! And not just on Valentine's Day. ;)


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