WIWS: Cheetah Print

I’ve never been a cat (of any kind) person. I’m allergic to them, so naturally, I try to stay away. I’ve never gotten the whole kitten/cat craze, or the “Are you kidding me right meow?” t-shirts. Or have you seen the app that replaces human faces with cat faces? I don’t get it!! But hey, that’s just me! To each his own, right? Maybe someone doesn’t get pleated skirts like I don’t get cats, and I am a HUGE offender of the pleats. I probably have fifteen pleated garments in my closet right now. 

I was surprised when I picked up this shirt at F21 because of the print. Now I know that they are not cute little kitten faces, but remember, I usually don’t like anything resembling the cat family. But being that this was the third time I had picked up this shirt in the times that I’d wandered through F21, I grabbed it. You can’t beat $8.00 on clearance, can you? It was on a whim, and now I’m glad I bought it. I’ve worn it twice in the last week, it adds a little pizzazz to an otherwise simple outfit.

 I have been busy busy prepping in the last weeks before the wedding, we have less than 30 days! I really can't wait to reveal all the details we are working on. This is a photo of my beautiful sisters and I at my bridal shower over the weekend. They and my mom have been AMAZING in wedding planning! I have a whole to be thankful for.

Have a lovely Monday! 


Wearing: F21 top + skirt, Target heels. Last picture, Marshall's top, and tulle skirt bought on Ebay


  1. Awe I Love your style... and congrats!!! #TeamSkirts

  2. Today Fashion become a passion of life and those picture really great and specially your dress so much beautiful.

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  3. Can't wait to see pictures from your wedding! I am sure that it will be awesome.


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