WIWS: Recycle Challenge I

Last week I mentioned that I would be on a personal recycling challenge in August. It's a way for me to wear what's in my closet, rather than feeling like I need to go buy new things and fill up space. I'm trying to wear items I've worn less than a handful of times.

I took the yellow top worn in this post, and a Target skirt from this post to get my final outfit.
High-low yellow top: Worn for the first time in the first picture, and only once after that. But as you can see, it's so versatile! It can be worn tucked in, straight with a pencil skirt, and with or without a belt.
Patterned Target skirt: Worn in the second picture for the first and only time. 

So my recycling challenge was a success this week! I achieved my main goal, wearing what I have. 

Look for the second part of my recycling challenge next Sunday!


Wearing: Burlington high-low yellow top, Target skirt, 
Guess heels


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