WIWS: Recycle Challenge II

Continuing on my recycling challenge this week! This seemed like a no-brainer when I started, but let me tell ya, it's harder than it looks. This is only my second challenge, but it's really forcing me to think about what I haven't worn and what is wasting away in my closet. Sunday morning was a bit of a scramble because I didn't plan on Saturday night, so there were a couple outfit changes and I did my hair in the car on the way to church. I haven't had one of those mornings in awhile, and I haven't missed them! Ha! Thankfully, all turned out okay. 

I took my blush colored maxi skirt worn in this post, and my lace top worn at my bridal shower {picture shown in this post. Sisters, I'm sorry I cut your faces out!} to get my final outfit. 

Blush pleated maxi skirt: I have worn this skirt a few times, but for the majority of the time, I pass it up in my closet. I have the same skirt in emerald green, which is I usually save for Fall. This Spring/Summer I've really been attracted to blush pink and pastels, as you could probably tell if you saw these pictures.
Long sleeve lace top: Love this top, love lace! It's a little long on my short frame, so I usually wear it tucked in. 

Another recycling success for me this weekend!
Happy Monday! 


Wearing: Lace top and blush maxi both from TJ Maxx. Jeweled belt from Anthropologie. 


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  2. Hi Stefanie! :)

    I've been following you for a little while now and was wondering ~ where did you get the sleeveless white top that you're wearing under the lace one?
    It seems that many stores carry a basic like it, yet yours appears to be cut a little higher (not as low of a neck).

    Thanks for your help! :)


    1. Hi Kendra! The shell I'm wearing is from Liz Claiborne, bought a few years ago. Since I wear it so often, I'm just recently on the hunt for more! This one is dying! I know they are difficult to find, stores like Target and Marshalls often carry some similar, but sometimes the strap is too thin, or like you said, the neckline is too low. I would suggest stores like Liz Claiborne or Ann Taylor (although I don't shop there regularly, their clothes are a bit more conservative), but they carry shells that go under cardigans and blazers and such. Maybe even somewhere like Kohl's might carry some. If I find any, I will let you know! :)

      Thanks for following!


    2. Oh! I would definitely try Macy's, too!

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