Last Recycling Challenge

I'm playing a little catch up today, and posting my last recycling challenge from August! Every Sunday I made a conscious effort to mix and match items I have worn on my blog before. It was difficult, and sometimes downright annoying, but I'm so glad I finished! It will be nice to have more choices again. I missed one week, because time would just out of my control. Sometimes you have those days! 

This week {Or rather, last week}: I took this F21 blue dress and this Urban Outfitters floral cardigan for my final outfit. This dress is one of my favorites, it's easy, and so versatile. On colder days I wear it with tights and a cardigan, and as you can see, it's great for summer too! 

And now, I'll be glad to focus on the fall season before us and all the goodness it brings! You do realize that Christmas is almost here, right? Yeah, yeah, I'm one of those people. ;)


Wearing: F21 blue dress, Urban Outfitters cardi, Jessica Simpson (Macys) heels


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