Today's thoughts:
Ever since Labor Day, my brain can't seem to keep up with what day it is. All today today I thought it was Thursday only to come to and realize that today is in fact, Wednesday. {My husband thinks I'm losing my memory} I've spent my week job searching, wishing for rain, and taking care of things around the house. We've spent the last couple of weekends exploring our city and spending time with friends and family nearby. Life is beautifully simple and I can tell that summer is winding down and the holiday bustle is about to begin. For now I'm enjoying the quiet uninterrupted days until the next round of busyness picks up. 
Happy Wednesday! Because I do know what day it is, now. :) 


Wearing: TJ Maxx black tee & Urban Outfitters maxi skirt


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  2. Absolutely stunning, amazing skirt!


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